:( I’m closing…

Hi there!! It’s Cool Dolphin here.. I decided to close this blog as I am busy with my other blog, Poptropica Fashion Blog, I don’t like this one so much too, because it a kinda boring :p so.. don’t forget to check Poptropica Fashion Blog though.. bye.. 😦

-Cool Dolphin


Love the new update!!


I loved the new update in poptropica map!! The adventurous music, the colors of the islands, and specially the bar thingy. It helps us to know how much we’re gonna complete the island and how much we have already completed.


See, like the bar thingy is telling me that I just started survival episode 2

Hope you liked it too!!!

My Brother Got Stitches

Yesterday, my brother Yusuf was playing in the lane. He was back flipping on the wire. He did it almost 3 times continously and then he fell down by his head and hurt. His full face was covered with blood. He walked through the lane bleeding. His friends were helping him to walk and his blood was dropping by. He climbed the stairs to our house with the support of his friends. He came up the stairs and his friends were holding him. He came shouting in pain, but not crying. I saw his full face covered with blood and at first I thought it’s just the shock of my eyes but I just rubbed my eyes and shouted, shocked. My mother heard me and all my neighbors came and my mother washed his face with cold water to see where he’s hurt. His head was hurt. He went to the hospital to get stitches and all of my neighbors were gone there and I was alone at home and I was crying and vomited in the toilet seat. I prayed to god for my brother. I went to my neighbor’s house. There was an aunt and her husband was gone to the hospital to see how’s Yusuf. The water started dropping from the pipe on the terrace. I went up and my another neighbor called my grandmother and she came to see as I didn’t know how to turn off the motor and she told me how to. By the time all the other neighbors and Yusuf arrived and his head was covered with a white cloth and was fine. I was happy that he is alright and nothing more happened.

A Girl Who Is Not Allowed To Study

My maid’s daughter helps her to do her work. My maid’s daughter was telling me that she is not allowed to study as her parents think that she’ll get married and she’ll just look after her kids and nothing more and her husband will earn for her. But she wants education but her parents don’t allow her to. All of her elder sisters have studied till 9th class but she is the youngest in all of them  and she studied till 8th as her elder sisters are married so she has to do all the work in her house. She makes breakfast for her family but she has to go to school in the morning so her parents say no.

Everyone has the right to study even if they’re poor. She didn’t even have the problem of giving fees as she studied in government school. I told her to talk to her parents about it seriously but, she said that she kept insisting to her father and he hit her and told her not to talk about it ever again. I was not happy because everyone should get education and everyone one has the right to. I asked her that ‘Will you give your children education?’ so she said ‘Sure my children will study till they finish their university studies. I told her that she has only one choice, to marry someone who can give her education and can make her always feel happy. If her parents allowed her to study, then she would be successful as she was very good in her studies. I thought that only god can do something for her but still, she wants to study. There are many children who are not allowed to study and they are just closing their dreams inside their heart. I will help children to get education.